Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Separated From My Keyboard

Family commitments kept me separated from my keyboard until tonight. As soon as I'm done with this post, I'll be writing for the first time since Thursday. I'm practically going through withdrawal.

I think I found a way to make my new opening work. It was much too long and Tory's role was much too passive. I don't know why I had such trouble with it; I had no trouble making Tory active in other scenes.

My word count goal for this scene? 2000 words. Number of words to trim? 3000.

In the meantime, I met most of my writing goals from last week. I finished "Spin", but didn't manage to put my submission package together. I did figure out my first-choice market. I wrote one of my author interviews, but did not get to the other. And I worked on Starcaster.

For this week, I'm going to send off "Spin", write that other author interview, finish my Starcaster opening and continue plowing through my 2nd draft, which I've started three times now. Ugh!


  1. Good job!
    Do you ever find that you have so many stories running through your head you feel overwhelmed and just crumble?

  2. Nope! I just take notes and prioritize!

  3. That's funny, I was just thinking about "writing withdrawal" myself. I wonder what they would discover if they did an MRI on writers who haven't written for a few days. Would it show the same effect as a coffee drinker deprived of caffeine?

  4. That's a fascinating question!

  5. One of these days, they'll have portable MRIs, so we could each scan ourselves and then post the results online. ;)

  6. I know that withdrawal feeling. It's like everything you want to write is building up in your head, and your fingers just itch to get it all out. I call it itchy-finger syndrome.

    The worst, though, is when you finally get to the keyboard and it all just disappears. Doesn't happen to me very often, but when it does...grrr!

  7. That doesn't happen much to me, either. I had a good writing buzz going last night. I wonder how that MRI scan would have turned out?


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