Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More on Openings

I finally got through my opening of Starcaster and have been going back through the whole thing, tweaking the plot and taking notes. I wanted the opening to be 2000 words, but it ended up being over 3000. I will definitely work on it again, but for now I need to press on and get the second (third?) draft done.

I'm also fighting a hankering to create something new again. I threw myself a bone last month by writing "Spin," but I think I need another bone. "Spin" is a twist on Sleeping Beauty; now I'm working on a twist on Snow White. It's turning out to be surprisingly action-packed; much more so than "Spin." It may even get sexy.


  1. I don't know how you do it! Write, family, blog, work, review . . . Do you have much in the way of leisure time? Does you day start off in high gear and then run at full speed the rest?

  2. Writing is my leisure time! I've never been one to watch TV, and when I'm reading, my daughter is happy because she knows she can interrupt me at any time.

    I guess I don't like being idle. I don't really consider my life stressful.

  3. I see! You sound like my sister Diann. She constantly keeps moving with some craft or organizational task. A sampling of her work is on her website www.diannizzie.com.
    She paints, sculps, knits or just creates artwork out of random objects (cd's and phone wire).

  4. I like your "twist on fairy tale" ideas. Don't fight that hankering--the creation is, after all, the part that gives you all the stuff to tweak and edit later!

  5. Thanks!! Now I need to get to work on my action-packed Snow White! (Which actually focuses more on the prince.)


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