Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Public Thank You

(Wow; I started typing the title in my title bar and Firefox helpfully supplied the very text I was intending to type! I guess I've done a post like this before, and it was probably about the very same person.)

Anyway, I wanted to issue a public thank you to the lovely and gracious Kristin. Kristin is my critique partner. It is very hard, in my experience, to find a successful critique partner. Such a critique partner must:
  • Provide good feedback,
  • Enjoy reading your work,
  • Write stuff that you enjoy reading.
I loved Kristin's novel. It's a YA novel. It has a great name, but since she's never posted it online, I'll keep her secret. (She's probably smarter than I am--however, "Starcaster" is a code name, it's not the actual title of my novel. Since Forging a Legend already has a website devoted to it, it's a bit late to keep that one a secret.)

I think it's important to find someone who enjoys your work. I tried a critique partnership a few years back, but the novel was a literary ghost story that I couldn't get into. The author didn't seem to like my novel either, and since was my trunk novel, I can't say I blame her. We eventually lost track of each other.

This past weekend, Kristin and I have engaged in another round of critiques, and she's really helped me out. Therefore, I wanted to thank her! Go visit her blog. She's lively and insightful, and her blog is always a must-visit for me.


  1. Agreed, you need someone who likes your work. I've gotten 'advice' from people before who didn't like the concept of Into This Mind.

    Why do you have a site for 'Forging A Legend'?

    And finally - yeaa, finally you post on your writing blog. I've been checking every day! If you aren't posting on your writing blog, does that mean that you aren't writing?

  2. No, it probably means that I'm very busy with my writing! I generally post here between 1 and 3 times a week. I used to post more often, but I've found I get better blog conversations if I keep a post up for a few days.

    Why don't you try using Google Reader? That way, all you have to do is start it up and it will tell you which of your blogs has had a new post since your last visit.

  3. Google Reader - good idea. I'll look into it.
    I also started a blogroll on my blog, but I get the impression I need to add them, is that correct? I need to read more about it blogroll.

  4. I just use a link list and manually add blogs to it. I don't use

    The list of links at the top of my blog is something I did through Blogger in Draft, the beta version of Blogger.

  5. Thank you, Tia! I don't know what I would've done without your help on that dang query letter. It always bowls me over how much you see that I just don't. I really enjoy working with you, too--it's wonderful to find someone who appreciates your work, and whose work you can appreciate! =)


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