Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Abandoning My Novel

A quote attributed to Leonardo DaVinci goes like this:

Art is never finished, only abandoned.

After some final tweaks, I am abandoning FORGING A LEGEND for the second time. This side of a sale, it's done. I'll work on my query and synopsis, but I can't think of anything else to change in the novel. Well, other than a panicky reread in case I forgot something, or in case some trivial detail clashes with another trivial detail, which I've talked myself out of doing. I have other novels to write, other short stories to finish and market. It's time I get on it.

Let the querying begin! Wish me luck.


  1. Rock on, Tia. If you need a fresh set of eyes on your query or synopsis, feel free to email me.

  2. Just popped over and ohhhh, we're in the same boat! Best of luck with the synopsis, ditto if you need fresh eyes.

  3. Wow; thanks for the critique offers! I may be taking you up on it quite soon!

  4. Hey, Tia, drop me a line @ sankgreall(attely-at)gmail(diddledy-dot)com

    I just volunteered for the Nebula jury, and I need you to do me an easy favor.


    J M McDermott

  5. Good luck! How exciting and I agree, good call to let it go. There is a point where you get decreasing returns.
    I hope when you're wildly famous you remember all your blogging friends!
    Although I'd love to read what you have, think twice before you gather more opinions at this late stage. 10 people, 10 opinions!
    Good to go with your gut. Besides, looking for the publisher isn't the end of editing, once it's accepted they might require rewrites.

  6. Thank you, Lisa! I still haven't sent it anywhere--I'm seriously working on "Spin" to the exclusion of everything else, even my blogs.

  7. Orson Welles said the same thing about making movies, to the effect: "Films are not finished, they're abandoned," or something like that. In his case it was often true. I had the good fortune to have had some bit parts in his last one, The Other Side of the Wind--not finished and never released. Better luck with your book!


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