Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In a Funk

I have not been writing for a few days, ever since I mailed off "Spin", and that's unusual for me. I think I have writer-fatigue. I have not been forcing it; instead I've been taking it easy, reading some good books and working on my query (the latest of which is at my novel website, if you're curious). I wrote some ideas in a notebook, but nothing has caught fire. I think I just needed to give my imagination a break.

Tonight, I watched I am Legend with my husband. I've also been watching Enchanted with my daughter. What a long movie! I thought two hours would be enough tonight, but my daughter lost interest and I finally turned it off. I'll watch the ending tomorrow. I've also been reading two novels, but one has sort of overpowered the other.

What do you do when you have writer-fatigue?


  1. hmm...anything that gets me away from the computer.

    Movies, museums, long outside walks. Even cleaning house works for me--though I leave this one as a last resort. (grin)

  2. I'm in the middle of writer fatigue. Three more chapters to go on The Trouble With Demons (I finished 27 last night). Then I'll have a frantic month to revise, slash, & polish before my May 1 deadline. I think I know how a marathon runner feels about half a mile from the end.

    When I've turned in TTWD, I'm going to read, garden, rest, read, get on my treadmill again, and read. ; )

  3. I feel for you, Lisa. Got any vacation time?

  4. Do you inline skate? Out door activity is helpful. Even for Lisa Shearin! When we feel we have the least time and we huddle down in our seats we might find a spot of exersize, fresh air is the most helpful in really getting us in sync and moving.

  5. No, I don't inline skate, but we may hit the beach this Saturday.

  6. Currently I'm dealing with novel fatigue by avoiding the novel and working on something else. It's not really helping me make progress on the novel, but at least I'm being productive.

    When I'm just completely fatigued by all forms of writing, I take a few days off and don't let myself feel guilty about it. Much.

  7. Raven - I'm with you on that!
    I've gone long spells without writing.


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