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Thirteen Characters in Starcaster - TT#4

Thirteen Characters in Starcaster

Starcaster is very Jane Austen-esque, so all characters are listed with their proper social titles.
  1. Miss Victoria Lawrence. A young spy, about 22-24 years old. She is a starcaster as well. She is a member of the Starcaster Corps of the Intelligence Ministry. Her real name is actually Victoria Walsingham. (Bonus points to those who can say where I got the name "Walsingham" from -- without using Google.) However, she uses her mother's name instead of her father's to preserve her reputation (as do all female spies in the Ministry). To her friends, she is known as Tory. She has at least two aliases: Mrs. Ann Cooper and Miss Wood.
  2. Miss Reba Young. Victoria's rather snappish mentor, about 35 years old. She is an attractive woman, but she chose to remain single and a spy.
  3. Mr. Julian Crain. At about 28, Mr. Crain is the youngest spy to make it into the Gold Corps in many years. He is not a starcaster, but he is a very capable spy. Oh, and he's extremely good-looking. He's not greatly eligible, because he has five younger sisters -- two of whom are likely to become spinsters -- and his family fortune is not great.
  4. Mr. Samuel Carter. An up-an-coming engineer, Mr. Carter has a self-made fortune at the age of 26. He's ready to find a wife, and many women are ready to become his wife. He's not a spy, but for some reason he keeps getting entangled in Starcaster missions, especially when Tory is at the center of them.
  5. Mr. Cecil Crowley. Mr. Crowley is a starcaster and a spy. He's about 5'7" tall, and fourteen stone of pure muscle. Somehow, even with this build, he manages to be the best "stalker" -- or surveillance specialist -- in the Starcaster Corps. He's the bastard son of a lord, and has the fortune of one. In his late 20s.
  6. Mr. Nathan Bradburn. One of Tory's superiors at the Ministry. He is the second highest-ranking spy in the Starcaster Corps. He's in his mid-40s and still single. He is attractive and has the wealth of a gentleman.
  7. Lady Matilda Rollins. A famous beauty with a rather shocking reputation. She is Mr. Bradburn's acknowledged lover. She is in her early 30s and to all appearances, has no intention of ever marrying. Is not a spy and Tory is not sure if she is even a starcaster.
  8. Mr. Mark Felding. "Iron Mark" is the craggy Commissioner of the Starcaster Corps. It takes a lot to get on his good side, but once you're there, you're there.
  9. Yuro Ozelle. (Name subject to change.) An enemy spy and starcaster. He has a new hobby -- destroying the beauty of young enemy female spies. Tory becomes one of his targets.
  10. Miss Estelle Layfett. Enemy spy and starcaster. Her motivations are quite perplexing in the first half of the novel.
  11. Mr. Luc Layfett. Enemy spy and starcaster, and Miss Layfette's father and partner. Would kill for her.
  12. Miss Jane Martin. A young thief, starcaster and entertainer. Not a spy. Plays the guitar in gentleman's clubs. Uses her starcasting ability to safely get to and from her gigs. Has dangerous associates. Is a friend of Tory's -- sometimes.
  13. Detective George Meyer. A police detective. In command of the precinct that includes the wharves (Dockside) and the Bridge Mall. The thieves of the city whisper that he takes bribes.
And oops! That's not even close to all of them. But, this is Thursday Thirteen, not Thursday Thirty, so I'll stop here.

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  1. What a neat idea, almost Jane Austen meets Firefly, only with spies! I wish you all the best with this work in 2008!

  2. I actually think of it as Jane Austen meets James Bond. I strove for nonstop action.

  3. Walsingham? There's a place in Norfolk (UK) called Walsingham. Do I get the points? :o)

  4. Graeme, I had no idea you ever visited this blog. No, that's not the answer. Maybe the history lies in the Norfolk Walsingham; I don't know.

    Gosh, now I'm going to have to come up with a prize.


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