Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Muse

A comment that I wrote on the previous post inspired this one. Kimber An, whose blog I neglected to link here until just now, has named her muse the Old Hag. (If I recall correctly -- she has not been around in a while. I think another character offed her.) I named mine the Drill Sergeant, or Sarge. Here he is:

Yes, that's R. Lee Ermey. My muse is not R. Lee Ermey, but he looks a lot like him. Maybe a few years younger. But definitely ugly and "ate up", as we used to say in the Air Force. A great motivator.

If you could describe your muse, what would he or she look like?


  1. I don't have a muse! Sad, I know.

    But if I had one, he better be naked and peeling me grapes.

  2. That's a good visual!

    I didn't think I had one either, until I read about Kimber's Old Hag. Then, the Sarge just sort of revealed himself to me!!!

  3. Hi Tia,
    my muse is a voice. Just that. If there's a problem in the plot or something, I puzzle it at night just before going asleep. This has the beneficial effect of sending me straight to sleep - better than counting sheep - and in the morning, my fingers just start writing of themselves. Hmm, maybe not a voice then - just a pair of autonomous fingers.

    Anyway, sorry to say this is not my primary motive in writing here. I've been tagged - Blame it on Maya Reynolds :)

    She's tagged me with the request to tag 6 others. Problem is I don't really know six others so I'm reckoning that anyone on Maria's links might be up for it. If you're curious the link for my blog is:


    Mike Keyton


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