Sunday, January 20, 2008


Oh, man. I'm so burned out. I'm glad I have two novels to work on. I've been frantically working on the opening to FORGING, getting it ready for a contest that I'm no longer sure I'm going to enter. An online critique group ripped it apart for me, and I put it back together. I'm sure it's much stronger. But right now, I'm sick of it!

I miss my characters from Starcaster. I miss its lighthearted mood. And it is in desperate need of fleshing out. So I'm switching gears, back to Starcaster.

I'll put the rewritten opening to FORGING on my website, but I ain't going to do it tonight. Right now, I think I'll step away from the computer and do something else!


  1. I feel your pain. But you're right. Sometimes a breather is all I need to get back on track and look at work with new eyes.

    Get some rest, Tia. I don't know how you accomplish so much.


  2. I feel your pain too. I also think it's great that you can juggle two novels. I've never been a good juggler.

  3. I know what Raven means. I can barely juggle one.

    Take a break, and enjoy it!

  4. Stepping away is GOOD. Sometimes for the good of the book (but especially for your own good), you just have to take a break.

  5. It's good that you recognize the burnout and can switch gears. Enjoy the lighthearted mood of Starcaster. Fresh eyes work wonders.

  6. Maria, I only accomplish so much because I fake it. :) Both novels have been through at least one draft, so that makes it easier.

    Raven and Kristin, it's not really a matter of juggling. It's more like I'm fleeing from one to the other!!

    Lisa and Anissa, I stepped away from EVERYTHING last night and watched The Fugitive with my husband!

  7. Oh, and thanks for all the visits! That helps as well!!

  8. Tia, if you have time today could you pop over to my blog? I'd like your input on my topic today.



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