Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blogroll Updated

I added a bunch of blogs that I had been following in Google Reader to my blogroll, so some of you may notice yourselves there. If you haunt this blog and keep a blog yourself, but I don't know about you, please leave a comment.

I don't usually cross-publicize my blogs, but I think all of you aspiring writers who read this blog should check out my post at Fantasy Debut called Blogging Advice for New Authors. It has been widely linked (for me) and generally accoladed. There are additional hints in the comments section.

I'm not writing much. I read 4 books in about 4 weeks, which is a fast pace for me, but now I'm not reading anything. I feel a writing urge coming on, but I'm not sure if I'll dive back into my Christian thriller (currently stalled) or start something new. I've had an itch concerning an old idea of mine, an idea that I originally envisioned as a comic book but would work great as a graphic novel. And graphic novels are hot these days so maybe it's an idea whose time has come.

Trouble is, I have no idea how to submit a graphic novel. I know how to format a comic book manuscript (similar to a script), so maybe I need to do some research and see if graphic novels are formatted the same way. I'll check out my old comic book drafts--assuming they're on my hard drive--and decide if it is worth pursuing.


  1. I think it's a good idea to post the cross blog. I don't always follow Fantasy Debut as much.

    I like how the blog roll has the topics - does it auto update?
    I was checking out some of the blogs and found two others who like the singing animated holiday 'decorations'. I have a bunch of them.

  2. It's called a Blog List in the Blogger Widget list. And yes, it auto-updates!

    I usually post here when I have posted something of particular interests to writers.

    Do you mean house decorations?

  3. I follow both of your blogs on GoogleReader - I just don't have anything interesting to say in a comment ;-)

    Have a lovely day! :-)

  4. I need to get that Follower thingy up on this blog. Thanks for the reminder.

    Pop in any time!

  5. I'll keep my eyes open for any info you find on Graphic Novels; I worked this weekend on organizing some old ideas and found an idea I had for one. It would work much better with graphic accompaniment than just a regular old novel.

  6. I'll add you to the blogroll, TD.

    I still haven't looked into this too deeply. I reread the "issues" I had written 5 or 8 years ago, and they need to be rewritten from scratch.

    I think it would be tremendous fun to see your novel come to life as envisioned by a truly skilled artist.

  7. Hey, thanks Tia! I'll mutualize the blogroll-adding as soon as I get done posting this comment.

    Back on topic, I certainly agree. I love watching things in animation a bit more than live action and frankly I'm surprised more studios aren't picking up Fantasy novels to do as animated films rather than big-budget LOTR-style epics. Or even video games. I guess we just still have a lot to learn from Japan.

    Then again, the ones that have been done weren't all that awesome. Fantasy translating from page to whatever has set some bad precedents (see: crappy 80's movies).

  8. I decorate most all rooms on my first floor. Xmas tree in family room, along with light houses over the mantel (mini houses that a friend painted for me)
    A norman rockwell village in the sunroom (on fluffy white surface with blinking lights underneath), and a sleigh with kitties and an angel tree top in the Front room. The dining is set up with an xmas table cloth, and of course I have a festive toilet seat cover :-)

    I have decorations in the shrubs outside along with various lawn ornaments. 3 of my lawn ornaments are broken so they've been trashed.
    My poor santa is without any reindeer.


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