Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Reader - Again!

After she finished reading Starcaster, Lisa Nevin demanded more! So I sent her an e-copy of Forging a Legend. I'm thrilled with what she had to say! Plus, she read the first three chapters of the second book in the series.

She really has fired me up to get querying again, but I'm also thinking about submitting to those few major publishers who take unsolicited subs. That way, I can just plunk it in the mail and forget about it for nine months while I write another book.

Any advice? I've already queried 52 agents for it (some of them twice).


  1. Hey! I'm sure you'll have another happy reader by next week--I'm heading out to the woods to help my dad after a (minor) surgery, so I'll hunker down and get readin'. Very excited, especially after so all the kudos you've gotten!

  2. That would be perfect--thanks! Let me know if you want me to mail a hardcopy. I have it down to a science, now.

  3. It's fantastic, the plot weaves in and out with lots of uuhs and aahs. Forging a Legend is quite clever and it's cool how the title fits so well with the story! Tia has a website for it:

    Some will surely see what a money maker this will!

    Isn't this fun? Imagine if you were involved with Harry Potter, reading it, given Rowlings feedback (although I know she doesn't give her work to anyone to read) but just imagine how it would feel to see it flying off the shelf and knowing that you were there, reading all the early drafts. well, that's how I feel.

    I think another exciting thing about Forging a Legend is that I have 2 more books to look forward to. You know the feeling when you read a fantastic story, then it's over. You kinda mope around . . . well, I know there are 2 more to go, and Starcaster.

    Kristen, are you reading Forging a Legend or Starcaster? I loved them both!

    My cats are looking incredibly cute right now. Amelia is stretched out one her back and Scarlet is on her back behind Amelia licking Amelia's head. Too cute.

  4. Lisa, I love the way cats twine together!

    Kristin read an earlier version of Forging a Legend--and she provided wonderful feedback. She is reading Starcaster now.

    Forging a Warrior was the original name, but as soon as I wrote the ending, I renamed it to Forging a Legend. And then I went back and built on that theme.

    Lisa, you have made me excited about this book all over again!

  5. Tia, you realize that you're encouraging me to keep up the praise and push for more!

    I'll try to be quiet for a while so you can focus on getting Starcaster done - I'm waiting on the sequel to that one also.


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