Monday, September 29, 2008

A Happy Beta Reader!

Wow--check out what Lisa Nevin had to say about my novel! The warrior princess reference surprised me--I never expected Tory to come across as that capable!

Lisa read my novel in two or three days, and she really made me feel great by sending me a note midway through, telling me that she could not put it down. She provided some wonderful feedback, which is printed up next to my monitor. She also has already sent my manuscript back to me, so I'll be able to see what she marked up on the pages.

Thank you, Lisa!


  1. A VERY happy Beta Reader Indeed! More please!

    I wouldn't say Tory is as capable as the Warrior Princess, but Tory is learning, so Tia has much more writing to do!

    What fun it was being a Beta Reader! Thanks for offering.

  2. Count me among the happy beta readers, too. I finished it at 6:30 this morning. As in, I went to bed at 6:30 after staying up with it all night. I'd been too busy to read beyond the first two pages until yesterday, and once I started reading, I couldn't stop! So yes, I loved it. I'll be sending my notes your way as soon as that mailer comes. And there is a sequel to this book, right? If not, there should be!

  3. Tia said once that she doesn't tend to work on the next in the series until after the first is published.
    Perhaps we Happy Beta Readers need to picket her house demanding our sequel.
    Imagine how long we'd have to wait even if some wise Agent and publisher snapped Starcaster up, still be a year before it's published.

    How can we wait that long to read about Tory's future missions?

  4. I am so thrilled!! Thanks, guys!! And yes, I have four additional Tory books in my head, waiting to be let out!


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