Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Dream Cover

I've been daydreaming about my dream cover for Starcaster. I would love it to have an Urban Fantasy look with a Regency flair.

So my vision is a girl in an empire-waist gown and a mop-cap, who is standing with her back to the viewer, holding a revolver behind her back with her right hand. There is some sort of scintillating light over her left hand, which she is holding out as if you would hold a tray. She is looking over her left shoulder, so you can see her profile. Her lower half is invisible.

(Here is a typical gown from that time period. Click to view a larger image.)

It is dark, but street lanterns light the street and stars are visible in the sky. A hackney coach is parked in the distance off to the left. Leaning against the side of the coach is a man smoking a pipe, wearing a hat from that time period and with his head ducked so you can only see the lower half of his face under the rim of his hat. Sorry, no abs. He's in a gentleman's suit from that timeframe, but his collar has been loosened.

Here is a typical man's suit, with hat and frock coat.

Hmm . . . I have some old costumes and a revolver. Maybe I'll try to recreate part of my vision. Of course, my figure isn't as good as Tory's . . .


  1. I love these sort of costumes but what I've found is that using them on covers makes the book seem more like a period piece. They don't capture the mystery/fantasy aspects.

  2. Hopefully the revolver she's holding behind her back catches that. :)


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