Saturday, October 25, 2008

Protag vs. Protag

Just for fun, I decided to illustrate how extreme I get with my protagonists. I admit that after writing about Abriel, I decided that I needed to write about someone completely different. Here's how Abriel and Tory stack up:

Size - Abriel is 6'9" and weighs 200+ pounds. She is noticed and pointed at wherever she goes. Tory is 5:4" and weighs about 120 pounds. She blends in.
Skin - Abriel has the dark skin and hair texture of a middle-easterner. Tory is white.
Passion - Abriel doesn't hesitate to take an attractive man to her bed. Tory is a virgin.
Kick-assitude - Abril is a trained warrior, and does not hesitate to meet conflict head-on. Tory hides or runs away. However, she's a good shot with her pistol and thinks fast on her feet to escape dangerous situations. Neither have much of an attitude.
Strength - Abriel is stronger than most women, but is not as strong as a strong man. Tory is weak, even for a woman.
Stealth - Tory's specialty is stealth and she's as graceful as a dancer. Abriel makes few attempts to be stealthy, although she manages to do so at least once.
Personality - Tory wins people over through her charm and vibrant personality. Abriel wins people over through her presance, and when she can't win them over, she kicks their ass.

As for my next protagonist? He's a guy.


  1. I didn't get the impression that Tory ran away, nor did I realize that Abriel was 200 pounds, that make her heavy for a female, wouldn't it, and I didn't get the impression that she was heavy - rather lean and tall.

    Time to clean house - yuck.

  2. At a muscular 6'9", 200 pounds would not be heavy, even for a female. I have a sister who is six feet, and boy does she wear her weight well.

    Ok, so Tory avoids conflict when she can. She did manage to escape from Ozelle a number of times.

  3. OK, it's hard for me to imagine 200 pounds on a 6 foot 9 person so I'll take your word for it.

  4. Ha! That's so funny! Maybe I should run a comparison on mine now.

  5. My characters turned out to be so different that it made for a fun exercise.


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