Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ye Old Weekly Post

I didn't mean for my posts to dwindle down to once a week, but somehow they have lately. I've had a busy week with some possible future excitement. I also took two days off to spend the last part of my daughter's spring break at home.

I had a flash of inspiration for one of my fairy tale stories and wrote it down in my little notebook. It will have a very different mood from "Spin;" I envision it as a spoof on Cinderella. Other than some heavy revising, I haven't written much and I haven't come up with anything new.

Writing goals for the week? I'll try to get a draft done of the Cinderella spoof, which is called "Switch." I'll also work on my new ending for Starcaster, which has been on hold.

Goals, anyone?


  1. Goals - ha! Keep plugging ahead. I need to provide a better outline for Into This Mind: Talia - Another reason that my writing has slowed is because I didn't have enough mapped out.
    Do we get to hear the exciting news?
    Let's see, you told us you'd be sending out some queries, you told your crit buddy that you had some news for her, now you say that you 'might have exciting news'. Hmmm . .. I've been connecting the dots here and dare we hope you've found a publisher? In any case, I understand that you want to hold off sharing such news, especially given the length of time between a contract and publication. But . . . keep in mind, if you give us little pieces of information, we can't help but draw conclusions!

    Also, after my experience where my publisher didn't really come through, next time, I don't plan on blabbing all over the place that I have a publisher until my books is for sale on Amazon!

  2. No, no publisher yet! I don't want to talk about my query progress here . . . but I'll email you.

    I think you're very smart. Many publishers fall through even after the signature on the dotted line. I've heard a lot of sad stories this year.

  3. Tia, I'm dying to know what the good news is too. :)

    My goal for the week is to do my taxes.


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