Monday, February 25, 2008

Writing Goals for the Week

Inspired by April, here are some modest writing goals for the week:
  • Finish my polish on my short story, Spin, and find my top-choice market to submit it to.
  • Write two author interviews for Fantasy Debut.
  • Work some more on Starcaster.
I'm keeping the final goal as a reward goal. I also have daily posts planned for Fantasy Debut, because there are five debuts to announce this week. But they only take about 20 minutes to write, tops.

Incidentally, if I might be indulged in a bit of a brag, my Technorati authority for Fantasy Debut is now over 100. I get about 2300 visits a month there and while it is thrilling, it's a bit daunting as well. Editors check out what I have to say as well as writers and readers. So it's more like writing for a magazine than writing an informal blog. Good writing experience, I would say.


  1. Congrats! Now we need some agent/publishers to line up begging to publisher your novels!

  2. That would be nice! But I suppose I need to submit it somewhere, first!

  3. Awesome! Now just forget how many people read it so you don't get blogger's block. :)

  4. For some reason, I never get blogger's block. I only seem to get writer's block with fiction. Nonfiction? Never. I can always blather about some nonfiction subject.

    I guess that's because with nonfiction, you can get informal and chatty. With fiction, you can still sound informal and chatty, but you'd better still be advancing the story while doing so. Much harder.

  5. Update us, have you been making progress on your goals?
    With my kittens, volunteering with Extreme Makeover Home Edition, house projects, work and social life, I haven't had any time to write this week. Although I should point out I don't make myself have a writing schedule as it makes me feel like it's a chore.

  6. Well, I have done two debut announcements, seven questions out of a ten-question interview and I've gotten about 2 hours in on Starcaster. (Only 2 hours of writing time a night, guys).

    I hope to finish the one interview tonight.

    Oh, and I wrote in longhand a post I want to do here. Now I just need to type it up.

    Thanks for the interest!

  7. Good luck with your goals, Tia. :) I know you'll do great.

    And thanks for mentioning me on your blog. :)


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