Sunday, February 24, 2008

4,700 Words!

My breakthrough from this morning resulted in a writing flood of 4,700 words! Do you have any idea how rare that is? Usually, I write that much in about a week! However, my daughter was unusually placid today, and I had much more time to write than usual. Oh, and I was able to re-include about 700 words that had previously been cut. (Never delete anything that you cut--that's my adage.) The changes are all fitting together so nicely, but of course it now requires that I reread and re-edit the entire thing.

I'm now over 80,000 words. I after going through it a time or two and retooling the ending, the finished novel will be about 90,000 words.


  1. I'm impressed! Was that all in one writing session?

  2. Woohoo! I love breakthroughs and the awesome writing sessions that follow. Way to go, Tia!

  3. It was scattered in 20-30 minute chunks throughout the day.

    I'll need to do a backup before I leave for work today. Don't want to take the chance of losing all this stuff.

  4. Thank you! I can't wait to get an hour or so in tonight.


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