Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yes, I'm Joining Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Reasons Why I Wrote Forging a Legend
  1. I wanted to write a story that I would love to read.
  2. I have been wanting to write a story about gods and goddesses ever since watching Der Ring Des Nibelungen on PBS in the early 90s. I even recorded it! All 20 hours!
  3. I have had a certain concept about gods and goddesses and where they get their power for years now.
  4. I wanted to write about a heroine that was physically different. George R. R. Martin's Tyrion Lannister stuck with me so I decided to go to the other extreme.
  5. I wanted to write about a heroine that didn't fit into any of the stereotypes. So I came up with a brown-skinned divorced giantess. (Well, she's very tall, in any case.)
  6. I wanted an excuse to write about things that I saw in India.
  7. I wanted an excuse to write in an ancient world setting.
  8. I wanted an excuse to write about things that I had learned while studying Ancient Rome.
  9. I was inspired to write it after the Michael Jackson trial. I'd have to say that Tom Cruise's antics were some major inspiration as well.
  10. Five hurricanes or tropical storms struck my state that year. I wanted to write about a storm. I also wanted to include something I saw on the news years ago, where a young couple waited out a storm while submerged in a swimming pool.
  11. I wanted to write about a warrior woman who is a good fighter, but not a great fighter. She is by no means the best. She has another talent, but it is largely ignored by those around her.
  12. I wanted to write about a situation that seems completely impossible, so I pitted my mortal fighter against a god.
  13. I wanted to write about a woman who becomes a queen. No princesses for this story; she earns her own throne.

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  1. Yay! Welcome to T13! Did I really inspire you? My goodness, that's high praise. Thanks.

    Okay, now that I know this little bit, I want ... MORE. Of course; I'm a greedy (you know what).

    Hope your first TT rocks hard!

  2. Good for you for stretching for your dream. I hope it goes really really well! Congratulations on trying!

    And Happy TT!

  3. "No princesses for this story; she earns her own throne." Love that!

    I forgot to update my bloglines and kept thinking you'd gone silent. All better now. :)

  4. Thanks everyone! I've been meaning to join TT for a while, but I wanted to start my new blog, first.


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