Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tia's Novels

These are the novels that I have completed to date. I put another version of this post up on my other blog as well so if you've already read it there, then you may want to skip this post. Unless, of course, you found it so compelling that you want to read it again.

Oath of the Songsmith
. This is the one that I never talk about. It is my trunk novel. I recently sat down and figured how how many years I worked on it, and I think it came down to an even dozen. It served one useful purpose -- it purged me of the urge to write fantasy cliches. It has every fantasy cliche imaginable. Woodsy elves (although mine looked more like leprechauns than Tolkien elves). Cranky dwarves. Mad scientists (although mine was a woman). A wicked witch. A princess. An evil society. Goblins and trolls. And hardly any plot!

Forging a Legend. Epic fantasy about a woman who an unknowing candidate in a divine contest and who eventually must fight a deity. Gods. Mortals. Chimeras. Divine manipulation. Swordfights. Opposing religions. I wanted to write a novel about someone powerless who has to fight someone with so much power that task seems impossible. I also always wanted to write a novel that featured Greek-style gods and goddesses in a big way. It's pretty much done, but I still tweak it between query bursts.

Starcaster. A fantasy-espionage blend that takes place in a Jane Austen-style setting with James Bond-style action. Chases. Captures. Guns. Magic. A militaristic spy organization. An enemy communist dictatorship. A ballroom. And not one, not two, but three potential suitors. This one I wrote for pure fun. It's almost finished.

Any Woman. A mainstream Hollywood love story. How's that for genre-busting? It's about a male Hollywood superstar who wants to date a church mouse . . . but she won't have him. She sets up impossible conditions under which she would date him, and then he goes about and tries to fulfill them. It blows up in both of their faces. Of course they fall in love. I'm about 4 chapters into this one.


  1. Love the new look! Very crisp and clean. :)

  2. They all sound fun, but Starcaster sounds AWESOME!

  3. Of all my novels, I get the most positive feedback about the blurb for Starcaster. I had a lot of fun writing it, and I'm having even more fun revising it!

  4. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I am absolutely hating revising my novels.

    Well, okay, I've gotten past hatred and into the "this has got to be done so shut up and do it" mode, which I guess is an improvement. But the first draft was so much more fun. Don't you find that trying to make everything hang together is frustrating?

  5. Not with Starcaster, this time. It's been a blast. I had a tougher time with Forging a Legend. With Starcaster, I'm writing a mystery so I'm weaving plot elements from deep in the novel back into the beginning. I'm actually doing the same thing with Forging, but the mystery element is not as strong.

    With Starcaster, I want suspense and mystery. It has been a very fun mental exercise. I also ended up with an unexpected romance, so I have to go and fix the beginning where I thought that Tory would go for some other guy.


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