Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tia's Writing Master Plan

I am a 41 year old diehard dreamer who has been writing for almost twenty years now. I write both nonfiction and fiction, but I'm concentrating on my fiction dream right now. My published portfolio consists of work-for-hire pieces, plus lots of technical documentation, business documents and blogs. I count blogging because one of my blogs, Fantasy Debut, has managed to garner a modicum of respect in the publishing world.

Like I said, I'm concentrating on my fiction dream. Yes, forty year old women can still dream. However, they tend to be practical about it. Time is marching on. Must get on with it. Therefore, I came up with a Master Plan.

My Master Plan consists of writing very different novels until I manage to sell one. So far, I have written three novels. The first one is my trunk novel. I love it, but I doubt anyone else could could get through it.

The second one is a mythology-based epic fantasy that I planned as a trilogy. I wrote book one, the first three chapters of book two and forced myself to stop. I have everything outlined up to the end of book three. I'm not going to write any more for this novel unless I manage to sell it. To paraphrase a worn-out phrase, I ain't putting all my eggs in one basket!

The third book is an espionage fantasy that strives for a mix of humor and action. It is a stand alone novel, but of course I can see sequels. However, I'm not going to plan for any sequels. I'll tie up all plotlines and we'll see about a sequel if and only if I can sell the thing.

I'll detail these novels out in a later post.

The other part of my Master Plan is a deadline. I've given myself until I'm 45 to publish a novel. If I'm not published by then, I'll go back to nonfiction and at least earn some money with my writing. I won't stop writing fiction, but it will become more of a hobby than an all-consuming obsession.

This is a writing blog, with a bit of real-life stuff thrown in for fun. Fantasy Debut is my strictly on-topic blog. Here, I'll let my hair down a bit.

I'm going to get brave and link to this from Fantasy Debut, since I know a lot of my readers there are writers. If you'd like to do a blogroll link exchange, please leave a comment. I'll work on getting my links from my old writing blog transferred over here as well. However, that will take a few days, so give me time!


  1. Love the new blog! I'll add it to my bloglines. :)

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  3. I followed ya, babe. am going to fix my template now.


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