Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Working to a Deadline

As I mentioned in previous posts, I seem to do well with deadlines. Therefore, I'm giving myself a deadline for my next novella, which I'm now calling Fairy Godmothered. I'm only shooting for 20,000 words, so deadline is six weeks from tonight, rounded up to the next Sunday. Therefore, my deadline is:

July 25th!

With this deadline, I'll have to write 5000 words a week, then I'll need to take a week away from it and spend the last week editing and revising. 5000 words a week would not be possible without my laptop, but since I now have it, I'm going to go for it. My husband is thoroughly behind me, so that will help.

In order to keep myself honest, I'm going to post my weekly progress here, on Sundays. I'm taking this week as my half-week, so I'll use this time to perfect my six-sentence outline and expand it into a decent synopsis. I also have some pilot scenes I want to write. I wrote about 2000 words initially, but most of that will be cut and I'm starting almost over. But that's ok; that's the way I write.

And ready ... set ... go!


  1. Good luck meeting that dealine. {Smile} 5000 words a week sound do-able with a single story, tho it sounds liek abit of a challnge at the same time. {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  2. 5000 words a week sounds like a great goal! Do you mind if I join in? Good luck with your goal!

  3. Sure, join on in! If we get one other person, we can officially make it a club! Or at least a meme.

  4. Hi! I'll join the club if I can. I'm shooting for about 5000 words a week too right now...30000 overall which would get me to the finish line on Aug 8th...seems far away.

  5. Thanks for joining! And so now we have a club! To make it official, I'm going to put up another post.


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