Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cover Art Ideas

Word Count Status: 2074 out of 20,000 words. This was my half-week, so I'm happy with this, plus I'll be doing some more writing tonight.

On Thursday, I heard from the marketing department from Carina Press. They wanted me to fill out a Cover Art Fact Sheet. She said to go ahead and find some images on the internet and include them. So I went nuts on her. I figured it would be better to give too much information than not enough.Here are the images I found.

This is a medieval city in Brittany, France.

This is a re-enacter at the spinning wheel. She is almost exactly as I imagine Talia and the cheerless basement in which she works:

Here is a spinning wheel:

Here is a fairy working her magic from the Nutcracker sequence in Fantasia.

Check out the blooms of magic at the bottom of this image:

Love these understated magic effects:

Here’s another one with the fairies:

They wanted a lot of other stuff too, including my bio, my online hang-outs, my synopsis and my "visual hooks." It was fun to put together, and pretty exciting! I am very interested in seeing what they come up with.


  1. Those are neat pictures. i hope they fit a few similar ones into your cover. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin


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