Friday, February 6, 2009

An Absurd Dream

I dreamed last night that I got not one, but two offers of representation. One was from an agent who has my full right now. Another was from my daughter's language therapist, who apparently--in my dream--wants to moonlight as a literary agent. Her only "sales" (in my dream, mind you) were self-published novels. Through a comedy of errors, I accepted both offers, and had to retract my acceptance with the language therapist. So now, my daugher's language therapist hated me. And she's the school language therapist, so I can't exactly fire her.

In the meantime, other agent was showering me with attention by flying out to meet me, sending a photographer to do a photo shoot and alerting the media. People who I know in blogs were stopping me in the street to congratulate me. Kimber An--who lives in Alaska--was one of them. She looked just like her Meez.

It was a completely absurd dream. But with dreams like these, it's no wonder I write novels.


  1. I LOVE those dreams. I once had a dream that an agent offered representation if I removed all instances of the word "the" from my MS.

    I said yes without a second thought.

  2. It just means it's so close you can taste it! Which full is out now, is that Starcaster?

    How goes the Christian thriller?

  3. Kristin, the things we do for representation!

    Yes, Starcaster is the full out right now, plus two partials.

    The Christian thriller is going well, but I took a night off last night to let things percolate.

  4. I can see all that happening for you!

    I sometimes think about going to one of your book signing, a big huge line, and I get up to the front and tell you my name and you give me a big huge smile. I get to tell people that I read a draft before you were famous. OH, and I tell them to lobby your publisher to publish Forging A Legend!

    I want to see Kritin's book in print too!!

    (My Amelia is sitting on my lap - so cute)

  5. I love your fantasy, Lisa! It's so nice to have a fan! I think you're going to love what I'm doing to Forging a Legend.

  6. The only annoying part about dreams like that is waking up to find it's not real, sigh. LOL. But that's hilarious. :D

    (I probably dream more about zombies and psychotic vehicles than agents. Not that I'm complaining...)

    Best of luck on the full and partials, Tia!

  7. I rarely remember my dreams, but I remembered that one!

  8. Sounds more awesome than absurd!

    Just wait till it comes true. :D

  9. So awesome that it was absurd? :)


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