Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sundry Subjects

I'm back in the swing of things with Starcaster. I've worked in my new opening scene, and I think I've smoothed out all the plot wrinkles. I'm now on the fourth chapter, which is the second chapter I've had to rewrite.

I'm now on my third official draft. Forging a Legend took five drafts (or maybe six), and I expect to be able to take one fewer with Starcaster. I could be wrong--the plot is much more twisty and complicated.

Backspace is interesting, and the boards are inactive enough that it is reasonable to visit one time each day. You can easily catch up on all the threads that have changed since then, which usually are about twenty. The writing crowd is not as diverse there as at Absolute Write--they seem to have a more literary and mainstream crowd. There's a query workshop coming up with some well-known agents; it might be worth joining just to take part in the workshop. I plan to submit a query for Starcaster, since one of the judges has already responded positively to my query for Forging a Legend.

I finished a debut that just blew me away. It's called Elom, written by William H. Drinkard. Sometimes when I read someone's writing, I'm just awed. He came up with some really great stuff for Elom--what an imagination! He's an older guy, judging from his picture, and you can tell from the depth of his writing that he ain't no young thing. If you're interested in the review, just click the Fantasy Debut link, over there to the left somewhere.

Goals for the week:
  • Resubmit "Spin" (carryover from last week)
  • Get halfway through rewrite of Starcaster
  • Send more queries


  1. I really need to start setting weekly goals. Then maybe I'd make a little more progress than I currently do.

    Or at least feel really guilty for not meeting the goals.

  2. I'm so glad to inspire! I've actually met a few of my goals so far.

  3. I blogged my goals. But the one about the short story I'm already predicting I won't meet. As of last night the story rewrite isn't going so well, and I consider the novel more important.


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