Friday, May 16, 2008

The Point System

Over at Sandra's blog, she detailed a point system that she had told me about a couple of months ago. I wanted to blog about it then, but I didn't recall all the details. Here's how it works:

Query or short story out there - 1 point
Requested partial on agent or editor's desk - 3 points
Full manuscript on agent or editor's desk - 8 points

I have 19 points. How many points do you have?


  1. Oh gosh, no clue. Not sure I'd want to add it up, might make me sad if most of the points are from only queries.

    Happy to hear that you're making nice progress with Starcasters!

  2. I'm a ZERO! But I do have plans to submit, but around October!

  3. Lisa, I certainly think queries count. I counted mine!

    Janie, I had zero back in January. It just depends on the phase I am in with my writing.


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