Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thirteen Characters -- TT #3

Thirteen Characters in Forging a Legend
in no particular order

  1. The god's god - a mysterious entity who sets into motion a game among the gods.
  2. Abriel - Divorced woman of antiquity who seems to be the perfect candidate for the divine contest. Has a stature of heroic proportions, but might have become an artist if she had not been challenged to become a warrior.
  3. Verit - Abriel's patron deity. He is determined to make Abriel a winner in the divine contest -- the forger of the legend, so to speak.
  4. Illian - Abriel's former husband. He gets tangled up in the contest as well.
  5. Danor - The man Abriel loves. He wants nothing to do with any of the gods, and his and Abriel's religious differences provides some major conflict.
  6. Naria - Abriel's first sword mentor. A cranky thirtysomething spinster with secret desires in her heart.
  7. Rendell - Abriel's protogee, a young boy of about eighteen.
  8. Leordis - The current favorite as winner in the divine contest. Self-made king of Hull. A combination of Alexander the Great, Hercules and Adonis. Larger-than-life. Seems unbeatable.
  9. Thesk - A god with a fanatical following who takes an interest in Abriel.
  10. Ysande - Abriel's closest friend. She has an unusual skin condition.
  11. Loqui - Abriel's second sword mentor.
  12. Yevin - A man who comes into Abriel's life and makes an unexpected impact.
  13. Eddis - A cringing priest of Thesk who will do anything for him - or so Thesk thinks.


  1. Hey! Stop leaving comments on my blog while I'm reading yours! *grin*

    I'm intrigued by all this. How close are you to submitting it?

  2. I was just over at Jolie's blog, saying how I got 32 rejections on it last year (including a few at the end of 2006). I did some major rework and hope to have it ready to send to a local writing contest by the end of Jan. And of course, back to agents!

  3. Best of luck with the submissions in 2008!

  4. Good luck with the writing. Happy TT.

  5. Cool. I would never have that good of an imagination.

    Thanks for stopping by my TT!

  6. Great names! I really struggle naming people. It seems like such a BIG task. Then once they have a name, I struggle changing them. Good for you! It's exciting to see your journey!

    Happy TT!

  7. I'm glad you like them! I'm especially proud of "Leordis". I just love that name, and I'm wild about the character.

  8. "Leordis" gets across the Greek hero/amazing physique idea very well. Is he single? ;)

    You've inspired me and I think I'll post thirteen of my characters on my blog sometime soon (even though it's no longer Thursday). But now I'm hoping I have as many as thirteen!

  9. He's sort of single -- he has concubines!!!

    I'll look for that post, Raven!


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