Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I was one of the 52 . . .

Forging a Legend was one of the novels rejected here. Here's the comment I posted:

I, on the other hand, was one of the 52 who Kristin didn't take on! I still have not gotten any takers, but I have been heavy into revisions since about April, so that's hardly surprising.

Even though I'm still agentless, I find endless encouragement in the fact that my novel was among the 52 out of what was probably well over 20,000 manuscripts, if Kristin's stats from 2006 hold true for 2007.

Since then, I've written another novel (or most of one), and I think is an even stronger novel. In fact, part of the reason I tore back into the one Kristin rejected is because I wanted to apply all that newfound writing polish to it. I am very excited about the results.

Please wish me luck for the new year!

And of course, I forgot to click the thingy that sends me emails about future responses, so I'll have to remember to check back later in the day to see if anyone wished me luck.


  1. I'll wish you luck right over here! And major congrats--a full request from Kristin Nelson is nothin' to sneeze at. Right there, that shows you're doing something right! =)

  2. Thank you, Kristin! I'm about to start the last of those major revisions over the weekend. It's the biggest one of all. A major character dies!

  3. Ayiyi! I get so tense writing death scenes. Death scenes and love scenes, those are my fears.

    I just realized I never got to reading the new opening chapter of Forging. I deeply apologize, I've been busy with a minor health issue. (Don't worry, I'll be better as soon as this darn gallbladder is gone. Cursed gallbladder!) But right now, right now, I'm going to go read that chapter! I'll email you my thoughts tomorrow.

  4. Hi Tia,
    I absolutely LOVE the concept of your novel, and I have no doubt whatsoever that I'll be buying a copy at Barnes & Noble in the next year or two. For Kristin Nelson to request a full, it has to be fabulous!

    Keep at it! You're almost there. : )

  5. Thank you, Lisa! That means a lot to me!


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