Thursday, February 11, 2010

Forging a Legend Domain Parked

My Forging a Legend website now goes to a domain parking service until I figure out what I want to do with it. I own it for another year and a few days.

It was freaky. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning with this one thought: I must transfer my domain before I lose it. I had just over a week left before it expired.

Here's the story. I first created the domain in 2006 or so with Microsoft's OfficeLive, an initiative of theirs that they have since started sundowning. As part of that process, I received an email about half a year ago saying that I'd have to pay for my domain after February something. The email assured me that I'd receive another email 45 days before the domain expired.

Guess what? I never received the email.

The whole transfer system was quite shoddy on the part of Microsoft. After much searching, I finally figured out that I had to go to MelbourneIT's website to transfer the domain. As in Melbourne, Australia. So I did, but the correct thing you had to click on the MelbourneIT site was completely obscure. Finally, I happened upon something and got in and entered the right codes to initiate the transfer. Then, the whole thing was delayed by five days unless I clicked something else. But there was nothing at the MelbourneIT site to indicate what that something was. Then, I had to go to work.

In the intervening 12 hours between then and a little while ago, an email finally made its way from MelbourneIT to my email account saying that I had a domain transfer pending. I quickly clicked Accept Transfer and within five minutes, Daydream Domains had the domain parked.

Daydream Domains, by the way, is wonderful. I learned about it through Lisa Shearin's website, where she had similar things to say.

Now, what do I do with it? Do I have it redirect to my domain, or do I rebuild it, using all the content that I saved in a Word document (and is still available on the Microsoft site)? Ever since I completed this latest rewrite, I've been quite excited about it, and I kinda want to redo the website now that I have absolute control over how it will look. However, judging how long it took me to set up, it might take until the summer for me to have it ready. So, I might just send it to



  1. I don't have any suggestions, but got it transferred before that dead. That should give you more time to decide. {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  2. I would go ahead and send it to, but work on creating the Forging a Legend website in your spare time if you're really eager to have a separate site for that book. My only concern with that is that sometimes when an author sells a book, the publisher decides they want to change the name, so your book might not end up being called Forging a Legend in the end. But then again, it shouldn't be difficult to fix that with the website when the time comes.

  3. I was reading over quickly but if it sounds like you no longer own the forging domain name - is that correct.
    If you own the domain, but don't have a web server for it, you can copy all those files to a subdirectory in and redirect the domain to that location.
    been enjoying my reread of the story!

    I use godaddy - you can set up automatic renewals -so no worries of losing domain names

  4. I own the domain, and have it parked. Daydream Domains is my provider, and they've been great. They warn me before renewals are due -- it was Microsoft that didn't warn me, and I originally had over at Microsoft's OfficeLive site.

    Now both of my domains are at Daydream Domains.

    I'm thinking I'll probably redirect it to Superwench is right--that name might not survive if it sells. But I do have a lot of content I saved that I could put on my website.


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