Sunday, November 8, 2009

Novella Finished

I finally finished my novella version of "The Sevenfold Spell". I sent it off to my writing mentor and I'm putting it out of my head for a few weeks. This is the first time I've ever written a happily-ever-after, and I had to write it four times before I ended up with a version I liked. It still needs lots of work, but my head needs a subject change.

I came up with a great new foil for East of Yesterday. Kimber An taught me about foils in one of her amusing Protagonist Cafe posts. My two main characters are twins and while they squabble, there wasn't enough conflict in the time travel scenes. Now, they're going to have Mike's annoying semi-friend along for the ride, for what they think is only about 80 miles. Boy are they in for a surprise. Brad (the new character) is a major jerk, and he's going to be a huge thorn in their side. Should be fun.

But I'm not ready to write that yet. I asked myself which story would give me the most bang for my buck (or time)? And I decided that the answer was . . . Forging a Legend. I've had enough distance from it that I think I can work on it again, ONE FINAL TIME. (Yeah, I know I've said that before.) And when I'm done with this revision, I'll be sending it directly to publishers. And I really need to get it done before January or so, when all the NaNo novels will start swamping every publisher in existence.

Then, I'll have had closure with all these novels, and I'll be able to work on East of Yesterday with a fresh brain.


  1. Congratulations on finishing the novella, and good luck with your final revision. I can understand wanting to get it right. You can do it!

  2. Yea! Forging is back in the forefront!
    Yeaaaaa. And congrats on finishing the novella.
    I've been reading Lisa Shearin's Magic Lost and I again find myself shocked that her agent didn't scoop up your novel!
    Some day Tia - someone will see in you what I do!
    You go girl!

  3. Congratulations on finishing the novella. It feels wonderful to get a project done, doesn't it? {SMILE}

    Best of luck with the next project. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin


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