Sunday, September 20, 2009

Writing Break, plus a Sneak Peek

I took a break from writing this weekend. Sometimes, you just need to get away from it all. I did send queries to four or five agents today--they were requeries to agents who requested partials from the first batch of queries I sent out, back in November, December and January.

I do admit to getting discouraged. True, I have known a few writers who snagged agents recently, but they all wrote YA, the one area that seems unaffected by the economy. Those of you who have read my novel have been so supportive and encouraging--thank you!

I had an idea for a nonfiction article, and I'm going to query some of the smaller national women's magazines. But I haven't even written the query yet because, as I said, I took a writing break this weekend.

And now, a sneak peek. Since you guys have either been here since before I started Fantasy Debut or followed me from there, I consider you my most loyal readers. I've created a new domain at I would appreciate it if you would visit it and leave any suggestions you may have here. I'm not going to announce it at Fantasy Debut for a week or so.



  1. That looks like a nice start to a web page. I'm curious about how you'll develop it. {Smile}

    I hope the break from writing helps. {Smile} I don't know quite what to say about agents. When I think about them, I'm mostly glad I write short stuff that they wouldn't be interested in. That means one less thing to worry about when I'm starting out. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  2. It looks good! I like all the pictures in the header especially. And, of course, looking at your site makes me realize how much I need to work on mine.

  3. I like the clever favicon you used!
    The dotted line makes me want to get a pair of scissors and start snipping - sort of an 'unfinished' feel to it.

    The focus of this website doesn't really stand out. What do you intend the focus to be? Your writing - your stories?

    I see you've been busy!

  4. And about the queries, it baffles me that your novels haven't been scooped up - I would also think your fame with Fantasy Debut would be a selling point - I do BELIEVE that it is a matter of time and luck . . .
    I believe in you!

  5. Thanks, Lisa. I haven't figured out how to make all those dotted lines solid yet. Definitely something I want to do.

    And thanks for being such a great cheerleader! Sometimes I wonder if my stuff isn't too quirky, and if agents aren't reluctant to take on something outside the norm.


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