Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting Back in Gear

After weeks - no, let's be honest here, it's months - of writing laziness, I'm starting to think about getting back into gear.

I have a good excuse, not that I need one. I do most of my writing on the weekend, and this is the first free weekend I've had since February. It will be bliss. My daughter and I are going to rent movies and hang out. My husband too, but he doesn't like the kind of movies that my daughter and I like. Although he did think High School Musical was cute. That's my daughter's new fave. We're going to rent 2 and 3 this weekend. Vicky will think she's died and gone to heaven.

And while she watches her tween flicks, I'll be in the background with my Neo, reading old works-in-progress. I want to see if any of them re-ignites my imagination. I might work on my Christian novel, but I've gotten in a bit of a plot tangle, and my head is too muddled to work it out. I could polish up a short story I wrote recently. Or, I could work on my Hollywood romance.

I wrote to a long overdue zine editor two weeks ago, asking the status on a short story that was tentatively accepted. At this time, I'm going to have to conclude that the magazine is defunct. I find this annoying. If you're going to let your magazine fold, the least you can do is notify all the writers whose work you were sitting on. Especially the writers who you tentatively accepted.

So back to the drawing board with that one. I'm working on taking it from an R rating to a PG so I can submit it to more markets. I'm thinking of Fantasy Magazine next.


  1. Good luck, hope you enjoy at least listening to HSM 2 & 3.

    I know how you feel, though. I *have* taken a few weeks off of writing, and I'm pretty resolved to get back to work next week.

  2. Oh, I'll be watching it. And occasionally getting up to dance with my daughter . . .

  3. I am glad you can get back to writing I also miss it when I'm away too long. {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  4. Ok, I think I've already made up my mind. It's the Hollywood romance. I now write romances. Never thought it would ever happen.

    But can it be a romance without a sex scene? They take the whole novel just getting together. And don't think I'm adverse to sex scenes, but so far the only novel I've written with any was Forging a Legend.

    I'm thinking about trying to finish it in time for the RWA contests.

  5. Ah, HSM. My little syster (Rach, 21, w/ Down's) LOVES LOVES LOVES those movies. She freaks out at the mere mention of them.

    Sure there can be romances without sex scenes. You can even do the "fade to black" or "close the curtain thing", if the scene actually get started but you don't want to get into the nitty gritty details.

    If I remember right, RWA entries have to be in by sometime in December. So you should be good to go. Have fun! =)

  6. I would have no problem writing a sex scene if it suited the plot. But the plot doesn't even allow for the possibility of a sex scene. Remember Sleepless in Seattle, when they don't even meet until the end of the book? This is similar. They meet at the beginning of the book, but various things keep them apart until the end.

    I suppose there's no help for it but to write a blurb.

    Your little sister has downs? My daughter's whole cheer squad has downs, except for her.

  7. on a seperate note, just watched Beverly Hills chihuahua, really cute for you and your daughter to watch.

  8. Ok; that sounds funny. We're going to Blockbuster tomorrow morning!

  9. I have no idea how open the romance genre is to romances without sex scenes. I've read some excellent romances without sex scenes in them recently, but they usually crossed over with fantasy, and got published as fantasy, despite a strongly romantic plot.{pause, thoughtful look}

    If you want to keep it realistic fiction, could you give it more of a "literary" rather than popular bent? I wonder if the literary or general fiction publishers or publishing sections wouldn't be more open to romance without sex than the popular romance publishers. {Smile}

    Not that I'm any authority here, but it might be worth looking into. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  10. I'm not sure I could write "literary" fiction. I think Nicholas Sparks writes romance without sex scenes, doesn't he? I really need to do more research into the romance genre. I haven't read any romance since the 80s or so.

    My mom is going to be a good help for me, because she reads romances, but prefers them to be clean. I intend for her to be one of my test readers.

    Don't worry. She'll be honest--she already has so far when she urged me to clean up the foul language. I seem to have a hard time writing modern fiction without foul language--even my "Christian" novel isn't entirely clean.


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