Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Frame for Forging a Legend

After reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, I found myself thinking about Forging a Legend again. I'm thinking it needs a frame.

Blog newcomers have not read much about my epic fantasy, Forging a Legend. It has been rejected over 50 times. I wrote an epic at a time when epics are a hard sell. My beta readers liked it and one agent liked the opening chapters enough to request the full manuscript.

But that was it. So on the shelf it went.

At the start of a new prologue, Verit is a fallen god who has become a recluse. His nemesis, who is Abriel, my protagonist, shows up. She gives him a bundle of journals where she has both written and drawn (she's an artist) her story. She tells him that he deserves an explanation for what she has done.

Verit takes her memoirs and drawings, and he writes her story. He interjects his own side of the story where appropriate.

To do this rewrite, I'll have to rewrite all the Verit scenes as first person. I have a few scenes in the POV of Thesk, Abriel's antagonist for book 1, but at least one of them will have to go. I had an epilogue, but I think it will have to go as well.

But Abriel's story--which currently takes over 95 percent of the book, I can leave untouched. So it may only take a month or so to accomplish this rewrite. I do believe I'll start now.


  1. Sounds fantastic and I love the title. Epic fantasy rules!!

  2. Thanks! I'm rather partial to the title as well. And I do love epic fantasy the best!

  3. Now wait, you're beta readers didn't just LIKE it, at least this one loved it.

    Funny you mention it, a few nights, I was laying in bed, thinking about the story. (you know how when you love a story and you're hungry for the sequel, how you 'wonder' what the characters are up to) Naturally I felt a pang realizing that I didn't have it in print yet. woe is me.
    (Ok, if this is the worse thing I can whine about I have it pretty good . . . but I'll whine none-the-less.)

    Additions sound pretty cool.

  4. Lisa, you always make me feel so good about my writing! I suppose there's nothing for it but to send you my opening chapters of Starcaster II. I need someone to tell me either that I'm on the right track, or that I need to start over.

  5. A good frame can make a world of difference to a story. I hope this one does the trick. {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin


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