Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's Bleeding! Emergency Surgery Required!

Ok, I did it. I cut 8000 words out of my plot and replaced it with 6000 words. Emergency surgery is now required to suture it into place, stop the hemorrhaging and prevent system shock.

Only time will tell if I can perform plot surgery like this:

Or like this:

(For more info on the artist of the above painting, click here.)

Ok, I'm done with all the overblown comparisons.


  1. I love that second picture. Where is it from?

  2. I'll update the post with info on the artist.

  3. Oh, you gave me a laugh this morning! Thanks a bunch, Tia. Yes, of course, you do it. Now, get to work!

  4. I'm actually quite thrilled with how well the surgery is going so far. Of course, it required going through the ENTIRE BOOK once again.

  5. Any update on the emergency surgery? :)

  6. Thanks for asking! I have come up with some rather fun plot threads as a result of all this surgery, something that I never would have thought of had I kept with the original (and lame) plot.

    In fact, it inspired another blog post that I hope to post today or tomorrow.


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